Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tonight, We Dine in READATHON!

Forgive me.

Whose idea was this 7 a.m. start time for I will punch that person in the- oh. Matter of fact, I wouldn't be so cranky were it not for the fact that my twins are in this stage where they flip over in the middle of the night onto their bellies and then are too tired/lazy to flip BACK over so instead they YELL AND YELL and this was my 5 a.m., so. COFFEE, put it in my veins.

Anywoot, welcome to the Belated Readathon! For those who missed the rules, it runs from 7 a.m. your time until 7 a.m. your time tomorrow IF YOU CAN STAND IT which I, sadly, cannot (this is a prediction). So, finish when you're finished.

Updates are not required, but they are encouraged. Since I've got the biggest horse in the dog cart of this mixed metaphor, I will be updating every hour (with the possible exception of the 1:00 p.m. hour, at which time I will be out eating soup at my local soupery, for LO! It is my birthday). You can update on your blog or on Twitter where we are using the #readathon hashtag. If you do post an update, you can leave the URL in the comments on my updates or just Tweet them out with the hashtag. This way, there can be much reading and visitation (though comments may not happen until tomorrow for I will be too busy READING ALL THE THINGS).

My updates will include how many pages I've read, what I'm currently reading, the state of my snacks and also pictures? Maybe.*

I believe that is all! If you have inquiries or the whatnot, I will be on the Twitter machine! @deadwhiteguys. Good luck and GODSPEED.

*I stole this format from Raych


  1. Starting now! And Happy Birthday Amanda!

  2. I'm getting a late start, but I am awake and ready to go!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. If there aren't pictures then it wasn't worth eating.

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm going and it is snowing, so it is the perfect day for readathoning.

  5. Happy Birthday Amanda! I can't wait to read your updates and I'll be getting started within the hour. None of this 7 am happy horseshit for me :)

  6. Oh, Happy Birthday! And a Read-a-Thon: I get it now. Perfect!

  7. Happy Birthday! I got a late start today. My updates will reflect this pathetic state. Happy Reading!
    LLM - ABookGeek